Personal loan is "also known as unsecured loan" a loan that establishes consumer credit that is granted for personal use; usually unsecured and based on the borrower's integrity and ability to pay. Most of us at different stages of our life will find a need to borrow money for all sorts of occasions and circumstances. Therefore, we aim to make our personal loan application process easier for you. At Power Credit, our personal loan facilities are designed to meet specific individual needs. It can range from money required for home renovation, education and mortgage to repayments of credit card bills and payment of monthly car installment as well as other forms of personal needs.

Personal loans are designed to be used for anything and are easily obtainable with simple terms such as flexible loan structure and affordable low interest rates. The best part about our personal loan is that you can pay back easily over time. We offer a convenient and affordable fixed interest installment plan. In addition, personal loans are usually unsecured loans and as such borrowers are not required to put up any assets as collateral. Furthermore, we offer up to two/four times the loan amount of your monthly salary. Therefore, personal loan is a perfect solution for people that need quick injection of small amount of cash.

Personal at Power Credit is the best licensed money lender in Singapore because we offer customized loans to suit your needs. When you need a sizable amount of money quickly, a licensed money lender like Power Credit will be your best choice. With Power Credit personal loan, we make loan simple. Your personal details will be kept private and confidential. You are assured with fixed interest rates and installment. We even tailor loan at your comfortable needs and ability to pay. No credit discrimination. Our credit consultant will explain clearly the loan term and conditions and ensure that you had understand before any acknowledgement of the loan contract. No obligation.

Eligible loan applicants can expect a "no hassle questions asked" attitude from our loan assistants. We also ensure fast approval process and competitive interest scheme that cannot be beat. Cash upon approval, no extensive background check is needed!

To get more detailed information or start the personal loan process, simply call us now or visit us today. You are just one step away to get your financial headaches solved! As a legal licensed money lender in Singapore, we will help you with your financial problems.

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