How To Lodge a Complaint About Moneylender Phone Call Aand SMS Scams

If you are being harassed via telephone, SMS or e-mail by legal or illegal moneylenders you can file a complaint to stop it. The police are in charge of investigating scams such as unlicensed moneylending, scam messages, online betting and other general crimes. You have three options to file a report:

  1. File a police report through the Electronic Police Centre
  2. The National Crime Prevention Council’s (NCPC) ‘X Ah Long’ Hotline at 1800-924-5664 (1800-X-AH-LONG)
  3. Singapore’s Crime Stopper Portal

For more information visit the Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission. If you need to file a complaint against a licensed moneylender, please see our handy guide on how to file a complaint against a licensed moneylender.

Notes: Power Credit as a licensed moneylender in singapore assured that we do not send any SMS or call to any person without authorization. We will never disclose your personal information, as we take your privacy very seriously.  By then our client is been safe and trusted with us that we can be named as a trusted licensed moneylender in Singapore.